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Monday, November 18, 2013

Honeymoon with Jesus


I am excited to get to share my journey with Mercy Ships with you all! The time change has my internal clock confused so sleep in hard to find but other than that, I am settling in just fine.Well, I have made it the first week on board the Africa Mercy. Ship life is much different than a typical day at home.. and though I miss my people dearly, I can feel the power of their prayers covering me as though they are here with me. I feel that this is a "home away from home" and like home, I have not met a stranger. My letters from home are precious reminders not only of the extraordinary support I have and the way I am loved, but the responsibility I have to be Jesus not only to the people of Africa but to the community I was entrusted with at home.  I opened a letter from home with a devotional in it by Max Lucado that says "God grants us an uncommon life to the extent we give up our common one." Now I understand why I was not fulfilled in my "ordinary" job at home, I was created for this. There is truly nothing like completely surrendering to the will of the Lord and being surrounded by such selfless servant hearts. Everyday is a new adventure here in Congo and the Lord continues to open door after door for the crew to reach these hungry souls with the love and hope of Jesus. Sometimes I look out of the window at God's great ocean while I am loving on His children and I think "is this real life?" As I joyfully love on these sweet babies, I am blessed beyond measure with a fullness that words can not express. Of course some days are rough, the work environment is definitely not what I am used to at home and the communication barrier is sometimes difficult, but as I look into the eyes of my crew members and my patients, I catch great glimpses of my purpose here and I find strength to press on. The Lord is not only doing mighty things through my new friends and patients, but I have quenched the craving in my heart that only He can satisfy and I cannot seem to get enough of Him. I have found my desire to love, serve, teach, and worship growing with each day and each opportunity. I am beyond thankful for your prayers, I understand the importance of each of them for the work being done here. Please continue to lift me up as I am away from my family and being a light to the lost. BLESSINGS FROM AFRICA! :)

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

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